Fruits Shape Cleaning Sponge

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Each sponge can withstand months of heavy-duty daily use in your kitchen or bathroom without falling off, even when scrubbing hard on a plate with dried residue. The right size provides a comfortable grip and fits comfortably in your hand.

The soft and highly absorbent surface makes the sponge clean dirt without leaving marks, scratches, or streaks. Comfortable and easy-to-hold shape, it foams easily even with a little detergent.

The sponge works in your kitchen, bathroom, sink, shoes, toys, cars, etc. This sponge has incredible scrubbing power. That means it takes less time to wash dishes, scrub pots, and clean walls, floors, and work

Surfaces are easy to use, rub the stains off the dishes easily and quickly, very useful.


  • Material: Sponge 
  • Product Weight: 10 Grm
  • Product Dimension: 15.3X9.8X3 Cm

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