Foldable Zipper Grocery Shopping Bags

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Use this eco-friendly bag whenever you go shopping instead of the Nylon bags provided at stores. Nylon bags often end up in landfills, whereas reusable bags can be used again and again. This reusable bag can be folded into an adorable strawberry to carry around or store away when not in use. 

This bag is a perfect way for young adults and children to learn about protecting the environment. Nylon Polyester. No smell, compare with another shopping bag, these shopping tote bags will not have that bad "off-gassing" smell. When not in use, the bag can be scrunched/folded up into a handy cute strawberry and can be kept in a handbag, car hung on the baby buggy, etc.Purchase orders


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Weight: 50gms


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