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Transform your skin with the Exfoliating Body Glove (Scroll Below For Results)

    • Made with a unique fabric texture, the glove visibly removes dead skin and surface build-up. Easily scrub off dead skin and impurities, to achieve smoother, clearer, and healthier skin!

    • It's also the perfect Tan Removal accessory, helping you exfoliate the tanning, and even remove unwanted Dirt on your Body No extra products are needed for this easy-to-use tool, just add water!

    • Designed for the even most sensitive of skin, our Cheeky Glo Exfoliating glove is our ultra-soft exfoliator that is gentle enough to be used by both adults and children.

    • Naturally exfoliates the skin, leaving it dramatically smoother, softer, and clearer
    •  Helps target keratosis pilaris, congested skin, to eliminate acne, ingrown hairs, and much more

    • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scarring
    • Improves circulation, stimulates collagen and fights to age



    • Smooths skin for even tanning or remove fake tan
    • Promotes healthy blood flow for beautiful, glowing skin



    •   Exfoliates the skin naturally, improving the skin’s texture and complexion
    •   Helps to reduce acne, ingrown hairs, stretch marks, and scarring
    •   Stimulates lymphatic drainage which can reduce inflammation
    •   Helps to increase blood circulation, leaving your body feeling energized
    •   Promotes collagen and elastin production by accelerating new skin cell creation
    •   Naturally removes fake tan while providing a smooth base for future fake tan applications


    Step 1:
    • Take a warm bath or shower for at least five minutes to soften the skin.  
    • Avoid using any soaps, shower gels, or similar products as the glove relies on direct friction with the skin.

    Step 2:

    • Wet your glove and wring the glove out. 
    • Move out of the water.  Avoid drying yourself off and make sure that your skin remains moist.
    • Begin to rub the glove up and down your body using long and firm strokes. 
    • Be extra gentle on your sensitive areas. You may notice your skin start to peel after a few minutes. If this happens, avoid rinsing the peeling skin off your body as these skin particles will aid in further exfoliation.

    Step 3:

    • Once you have achieved your desired level of exfoliation, rinse your body with water to wash away the skin particles.
    •  Dry yourself off and apply your favorite body oil or moisturizer.

    Step 4:

    • Hand wash your glove using natural soap and hang your glove to air dry.
    • Repeat your exfoliating ritual once a week.


    • Hand wash glove using hot water and natural soap.
    • Skin must be clean of any soaps, salts, or bubbles prior to use. 
    • Do not use the glove on your face.
    • Replace glove every 8 to 10 weeks for hygienic purposes. 
    • Ensure to apply moisturizer and sunscreen after exfoliating.
    • The glove will shrink with the first use. One size (fits most).
    • Made using 100% biodegradable viscose sustainably derived from the reed plant.
    • Avoid using your glove on any open wounds, sunburned, or inflamed skin.
    • Skin peeling depends on your skin type. Your skin may also not peel if you are using an additional daily exfoliator, or if your skin is too damp or hairy..
    • Visible skin peeling results are not guaranteed. Rest assured that your skin will be exfoliated regardless if visible skin peeling occurs!


    Please Note : Skin peeling depends on skin type and visible
    peeling results are not guaranteed as everyone's skin is different.
    Skin will be exfoliated regardless if visible peeling occurs. Results vary depending on skin type.

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