Ergonomic Cervical Neck Pillow

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  • Pain relieving: the high-quality neck massage pillow promotes blood circulation, relieves tension and relieves your neck pain. It also increases its mobility and movement in the cervical vertebrae.

  • Self-massage: treat yourself to a soothing massage at any time, without much effort or other physical activity, except a few small head movements.

  • Posture encouraged: thanks to its unique shape adapted to the human body, the orthopedic neck pillow stabilizes your spine and thus contributes to a natural and healthy posture.

  • Easy and easy to use: 5-10 minutes a day is enough to feel relaxed and fit again. Simply place your head in the curve and relax. The Neckfree does the rest.

Can be used anywhere: whether at home on the sofa, in front of the TV, on the plane, on a chair or a sleeping mat, the neck free can be used almost anywhere and can be taken with you wherever you go.

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