Electric Wooden Kapoor Daani

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Enhance your spiritual practices and create a soothing atmosphere with the versatile wooden Kapoor Daani. This exquisite piece is crafted from natural wood and seamlessly blends into your home decor for functional utility and aesthetic appeal. Infuse the air with serenity during god poojas or stimulate a tranquil ambiance during meditation sessions. Elevate your living space with captivating fragrances and promote healthy living with essential oils or incense. More than just an incense holder, the wooden Kapoor Daani is a conduit for spiritual connection and harmonious living.It is used for burning incense which is to the gods and goddesses or for aroma. An electric burner saves your time in burning charcoal and also produces less smoke.

  • Bakhoor burners /dhoop dani / incense burners are a beautifully ornate way of filling your rooms full of wonderful fragrances.
  • Beautiful looking direct plug-in kapoor dani is best for burning Kapoor and aroma oil.

  • Easy to use produce less smoke very easy to clean, heavy-duty coil.
  • Insert the plug into the socket and switch on the button for a few minutes and put some bakhoor / dhoop / incense on the top plate & enjoy.

  • To long lasting use kindly switch off the kapur dani once the Kapoor tablet is finished.
  • Purify the surroundings and interior of your home by diffusing a product of your choice.


  • Material - Wood & Plastic 
  • Color - Multicolor
  • Size - Standard 


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