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Easy-Peasy Pea Sheller

Rs. 599 Rs. 1,299


Love peas but dread shelling them?
Shell peas quick and easy!

The Easy-Peasy Pea Sheller separates peas from the seed case in seconds!

It's super easy and fun to use! 
Just insert a pod into the feeder & crank.

Watch your peas roll out nice and whole without smashed pieces.

Cuts shelling time into half
Save your time and strength!
This lets you enjoy your favorite pea recipes without going through the manual shelling that consumes much time and sweat.

With a pocket gatherer 
Your peas will roll out straight into the pocket that collects every bit

Safe food-grade PP

Preserves your peas freshness and doesn't add a toxic flavor
Strip beans, soy, peas & more!
A must-have tool in your kitchen! Get yours now!

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