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Double Layer Microwave Food Box

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Rs. 999 Rs. 1,999


This frozen rice container was developed to enjoy the same way as fresh-cooked rice even when frozen. With a focus on deliciously "thawed", we have found that it can be heated even in the microwave with the lid on


Can be stored for a week. You can cook rice once and store 6 pairs of food in a separate package. This is a very convenient rice container for office workers and businessmen who don't have to worry about cooking every day

You can put warm rice into the container, convenient for refrigerating and freezing. Cold rice can be heated in the microwave with the lid on. Thanks to the ingenious removable colander, the steam circulates inside and makes the rice fluffier while heating up in the microwave

Thanks to the ingenious internal structure the colander allows the rice to be heated while the steam is accelerated to circulate inside and make the rice fluffy


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