Door Jammer Security Device

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The Door Stop is compact and portable, fitting in your briefcase, carry-on bag, or backpack to protect you from intruders wherever you go. This revolutionary security device installs in seconds, creating a vertical force against outside pressure for peace of mind at home, the office, and hotel rooms. Potable door jammer Provides absolute security and privacy, increase the security of your room will not mark or damage the door, especially will not violate your lease. If someone wants to enter, they will make a lot of noise, such as kicking the door, providing extra warning and time. Easy installation or removal without any tools.

The convenient door stopper is made of solid thickened stainless steel and is integrally formed. The bearing capacity is stronger and more durable. The mechanical structure design doubles the resistance and guides the force of pushing the door to the ground to achieve the effect of blocking the door and truly protecting your safety.
Light and small design, the size of the mobile phone is easy to carry, suitable for living alone/frequent business trips/love to travel / vacation/hotel/hotel. Carry it with you and use it as self-defense when necessary; The Door lock has a strong grip and is perfect for matte uneven ground or smooth low ground.
Install the door stopper under the door handle, and insert the door stopper under the door handle into the door seam; Step 2: Tighten the bolts counterclockwise; Step 3: Confirm whether the door is fixed. The first step of disassembly: unscrew the bolt clockwise; the second step: take it out to complete the disassembly.
Portable door security lock is suitable for all types of floors, and door clearance Multi-angle universal head design, multi-angle and ground fit, 90° right-angle support plate, enlarged and widened friction surface, uniform force, and strong impact resistance.
Whether you're at home, at the office, at school, or on vacation. You can carry this product with you. very light but hard material can protect your safety.

  • Material: Metal
  • Product Weight: 900 Gms
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 13 Cm


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