DIY sponge finger painting kit - Free Shipping + COD Available - ...

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DIY sponge finger painting kit - Free Shipping + COD Available

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πŸŽ‰Draw finger painting with your children, and enjoy wonderful family time.

🎁The most popular Christmas gift for children!

Children should be able to recognize color from an early age. This set allows children to learn color combinations while recognizing colors. Bring more fun and joy.

Β Boosts children s imagination while developing creative thinking and problem-solving skills by playing and painting these finger covers.
- Painting can also help focus the mind and have calming effects on the brain and body.
- Suitable for kinds of kids' parties, theme parties, birthday party games, etc.
- It s a great game for children to play with their friends, to bring more fun and joy.
- Made of quality material, no odor, no harm, skin-friendly, kids-friendly, safe, and durable for use.




  • Seal Color: Random Color
  • Seal Material: Plastic and Sponge
  • Seal Size:30Γ—17mm/1.2Γ—0.7inches
  • Ruler Material: PVC
  • RulerSize:146Γ—208mm/5.7Γ—8.1inches
  • Inkpad Size:83Γ—206Γ—22mm/3.3Γ—8.1Γ—0.9inches。
  • Inkpad(20 COLORS)


  • 5 Γ— Seal + 5 Γ— Ruler + 1 Γ— Inkpad(20 COLORS)



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