DIY Automatic Hair Braider Kits

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Creates fun, twisty braids in seconds!!

Quick, fun styles in 3 easy steps, Anyone can do it!

DIY Automatic Hair Braider lets you create stylish hairstyles with the press of a button!


  •  Designed for girls to create their own hair style.
  •  Simple operation and quick knitting. It's the best gift for kids
  •  It is made of environment-friendly materials with high quality.
  •  The package is exquisite and will not be damaged during transportation.
  •  Product function: automatic knitting; Applicable age: 3 years old+

With this automatic hair braid tool, only 6 simple steps:

  1. Evenly separate with accessories, three strands of hair;
  2. Fix three equal hairs on the three hooks in front of the braid;
  3. Pull the hook into the long tube from below;
  4. The hook hair hook into  the braid;
  5. Starts the switch, start Braid;
  6. Grab the braided whip and tie the rubber band to the tail just fine.


  • Q: How do you get it gift wrapped?
  • A: Go to Walmart and buy gift wrapping paper.
  • Q: What age group is this recommended for?
  • A: If they are using it themselves I would say 7-13? I would have loved this when I was in middle school or maybe 4th/5th grade. But really any age can use the twist feature and a parent could use this on a younger child to create cute hairstyles.
  • Q: Is this appropriate and mature enough for a 6 year old?
  • A: This set is suitable for kids age 3 to 7. They can create different jewelry and have ton's of fun.


🎀 Elctric Hair Arranger:


This ELCTRIC HAIR ARRANGER has two specifications, The simple model and The luxurious model. Please see the product options to purchase.

The Simple Model:

The luxurious model

Please note: The product requires two AA batteries, which are not provided in the product packaging, please prepare your own !

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