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Cute Talking Hamster Plush Toy

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Super fun for adults, kids, and pets alike!

👉 Interactive: Not only mimics your voice but also matches the volume. Capable of recognizing the change of tone from a female to that of a male.

👉 Mimics any language or sound: 
Will repeat anything it hears, and we mean absolutely anything! It fires back with its cheeky high pitched voice which is guaranteed to get laughs wherever you go!

👉 Easy to use: Just turn it on then talk to it and it will repeat every word or sound in a funny, high pitched voice.

👉 Pets love it:  Mimics cat meows and dog barks perfectly! Your pet will love it and you will be entertained by your pet's hilarious interactions with it.

👉 The Perfect Gift: This hamster plush is the perfect gift for any child! You can also give it to adults as a novelty gift. Everyone of all ages will definitely enjoy this talking hamster

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