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Cute Colorful Pencil Eraser

Style: Ice Cream Shape
Rs. 399 Rs. 799


These gifts to be very special is very important because they serve as the token of remembrance and love from the hosts and will always remind the guests of the occasion when they’ll use it. We offer a plethora of return gifts in a variety of themes, which will suit the theme you’ve chosen for your party. Apart from providing the comfort of online shopping, we take utmost care of the quality and durability of these Return Gifts.

  • Are you looking for a long-lasting pencil erasers. Don't look further cause our pencil erasers will meet your needs. Our package includes 4 pieces of pastel color pencil erasers; all are in the same style in 5 different pastel colors and ice cream design.
  • Made of non-toxic materials, and safe for kids and students. Our premium pastel pencil erasers are very soft and elastic, which won't damage the paper when you use them. Also, these latex-free pencil erasers are not easy to break.
  • Each eraser comes in a protective rubber sleeve and will be individually wrapped. These are not just children's erasers; they can be used for professional purposes for artists or architects because these pencil erasers are perfect for correcting any mistakes you may have made while writing or drawing.
  • Erasers can be used as gifts for your children due to their cute appearance design. A great choice for you, as a gift, and use these as a reward for your children, or even teachers can use them as rewards in their classroom to create a cheerful environment for their students.
  • Their desserts are beautiful and realistic in shape ice cream, and each with vibrant colors and stylish designs, which can fully stimulate children's interest in learning. The fun food erasers from fun little toys features a wide collection of beautiful, bold, and bright colors. Different varieties of puzzle eraser toys in realistic & miniature shape, each one can be taken apart and reassembled.


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