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Cosmetic Transparent Handbag

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Style: STYLE 1
Rs. 599 Rs. 1,199


Plastic storage bag with zip closure to ensure the internal safety of the item. The transparent design gives you easy access to everything. No longer wasting time looking for things. Closure opens and closes the bag easily and with one small zippered pocket. A transparent storage bag can be kept in your Storage beds, wardrobes, clothes, and storage cabinet. It maximizes your storage space and is perfect for those not-so-frequently used items in the household. This transparent Storage bag is lightweight & foldable. Two handles make it easy to move from place to place. It easily goes inside the wardrobe, in the bed storage section, and on shelves, and reduces clutter in wardrobes and closets. pristu bags can withstand tearing, ripping, punctures, and impacts compared to the thin and frail bags you usually encounter. Be it a dormitory or a bedroom closet, this storage bag easily fits in. And because of its size and stackable design, you can use multiple bags to maximize space.

With a size of 11" x 7" x 4" with 6" handles, this bag is large enough to fit lunch, yet still small enough to be practical and easy to carry around all day, every day! Lightweight and convenient.
The transparent bag is made with water-resistant PVC so that you can quickly and easily wipe away spills, dirt, and grime. Take this bag anywhere! Set it down on crowded stadium floors without a worry because you can kill germs in seconds as soon as you get home. Simply wipe it down with soap and water to clean and disinfect it with ease!
This translucent shoulder bag can be used for anything! Get through security checkpoints faster, use it as a makeup case, or take it to work and sporting events where you have to adhere to strict clear bag regulations! The only limit to its versatility is your imagination!
The handbag is made of thick vinyl plastic which makes for a sturdy and durable construction. Handles are nylon webbing with and zipper that is heavy-duty and sturdy. With a catchy design that reminds more of a fashion accessory than a utility one. Elegant shape purse/ pocketbook with black piping.

  • Material: PVC
  • Product Weight: 100 gms
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 5 Cm

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