Compressed Wood Pulp Sponge Wipe

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Having a cartoon shaped sponge wipe makes you feel good even when you face the boring dishwashing chores.

    Main Features

    • This is a magic sponge wipe, use it like magic. The dehydrated state becomes dry and hard, and the absorbent state expands soft and elastic.
    • Self-lanyard, easy to store, dehydrated wood pulp cotton will quickly air dry and harden, no moisture environment, will not breed bacteria.
    • As a dishwashing sponge, cleaning stains without residue and glass wiping without leaving marks.
    • The oil stain will be cleaned with a flush of water and will not remain, not sticky and odorless.
    • Soft in water, no harm to tableware. Skin-friendly and non-irritating, does not hurt the skin. Lathers richly and saves dishwashing detergent.

    Specifications :

    Material: Wood pulp sponge

    Weight: 21g

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