Color Changing Metal Laser Sword

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  • Real Combat Experience Integrated with A Special Combat Sound Effect and Light Flash Mode, The RGB Light Saber Brings a Vivid and Real Combat Experience.

  • Revel in the glory of unlimited color options, enabling you to summon a blade that reflects your spirit, be it the serene blue of a Jedi Knight, the fiery red of a Sith Lord, or any hue from the galactic spectrum that your heart desires.
This also comes equipped with 12 distinct sound fonts, featuring your favorite characters from across the Star Wars timeline. Every swing, every clash, every ignited pulse will resound with familiar tones, transporting you right into the heart of epic Star Wars battles.

With up to 6 hours of battery life, your SaberMaster will be your trusty companion, always ready to light up and accompany you on your Star Wars journey.

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