Clothing Line with 12 Clothes Clips

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Stretchable Travel Portable Windproof Elastic Clothesline Drying clothes hanging rope. Stainless Steel Retractable wire with spring clip, durable, with super grip force ropes. The grip is good and the clothes don't fall of because of that. Dries Your Clothes Faster and Quickly.

BABLY Stainless Steel Jambs Drying Racks Rope Hook, 12 Clips for Outdoor Indoor Travel Camping (Multicolor)

  • The rope is made of high-quality stainless steel, the wire is eco-friendly &, hook and plastic spring clamp the ability to, have robust quality elasticity.
  • Travel clothesline, lightweight, convenient to carry with a non-woven bag. It can be used between the trees during camping trips. the clothesline is made of multiple elastic rubber bands.

  • The drying ropes are stretchable with clampable hooks that can be extended to the laundry rack dryer

  • It is flexible and can save a lot of space when not in use. It can be easily stored. It is a very convenient tool suitable for travel, outdoor camping, and family use. Windproof and non-slip design.

  • A portable retractable clothesline can be hung anywhere: hotel, bathroom, laundry, RV, boat, balcony, and even on a tree branch, allowing users to have an instant airing space anytime, anywhere.


  • Style - Portable
  • Line Weight - Light
  • Color - Multicolor


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