Clothes Line Nylon Rope

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Looking for a durable, high-quality line to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently? Look no further! Windproof Nylon Laundry Rope is the perfect solution for you. You can use it indoors and outdoors, whether you are home, on a trip camping in nature, or even in hotels. Giving you plenty of flexibility and versatility to use. Get a durable, reliable nylon wash cord now available

  • Choose the one that suits you best according to your preferences and needs.
  • This clothesline uses high-quality nylon material, which is not easy to wear and is very durable.

  • This windproof clothesline has a special grid design and partition design. It can prevent the clothes from sliding due to wind or other factors, and the special partition design can ensure that each piece of clothing is dried independently and speed up the drying speed.
  • The clothesline is very easy to fix and firm, because this clothesline has two stainless steel hooks, the joints are firm, and the weighing performance is very good!

  • The clothes line is portable and easy to store. It can completely avoid the trouble of twisting and knotting. This is the perfect choice for drying clothes during travel and outdoor camping. It can also be tied between two trees to dry clothes directly.


  • Material - Nylon
  • Length - 5m
  • Colour - Multicoloured
  • Load Capacity - 960 pound
  • Vehicle Service Type - Watercraft

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