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Cloth Organizer

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Cloth organizer used in all household and ironing shops in order to assemble the cloths and fabric in a well-mannered way. Its design is very easygoing and very handy in order to use it clearly without any problems or facing any disadvantage. It is made under the consideration of users concern, which makes this product safe while use it. You can use it everywhere just because of its small size and ongoing mobility and take it to every place, where you want to use it for your needy purposes. This cloth organizer is very handy and light weighted so it basically doesn't need any extra hand to control or manage it and that is why, this furthermore makes it a worthy material.


  • Made of premium PP materials, super strong with reinforced frames and side walls construction, ensure stability for long time services cloth organizer for wardrobe, organizers storage for clothes
  • Can be used as a storage basket for clothes and luggage in the bedroom, as a sundry cleaning basket in the living room, such as snacks, etc.
  • Also can be used as a bowl and seasoning shelf in the kitchen and a bookshelf in the office or study
  • No need for any assembly, just place them on top of each other for instant shelving
  • Adjust to your own liking by stacking the perfect number to fit your own space closet organizer for clothes.


  • Vol. Weight (Gm):- 1470
  • Product Weight (Gm):- 145
  • Ship Weight (Gm):- 1470
  • Length (Cm):- 35
  • Breadth (Cm):- 30
  • Height (Cm):- 7


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