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Clip Outdoor LED Solar Garden Light

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Our clip-on solar light outdoor has two lighting modes:1.Low-brightness lighting(soft white);2.High-brightness lighting(Cool white). When the sensor detected in a range of 125°and a distance of 10-16ft movement of people, it will automatically switch from the low-brightness mode to the high-brightness mode, and after 30 seconds, it will automatically switch to the low-brightness mode again.
The solar motion sensor light is equipped with high-efficiency LED to provide brighter lighting effects and Wider ranges, which is ideal for outdoor lighting facilities in your home, such as power cut lighting, Patio, deck, floodlight, garden, fences, corridors chicken coop light, also solar clip on lights is convenient to carry and use in hiking, fishing, and camping tent.
The solar panel is used to efficiently absorb sunlight during the day and convert it into electric energy storage, and automatically turn on lighting at night. generally, it can be continuously illuminated for 10-12 hours after 6-8 hours full charge.
Solar motion sensor lights are designed in the practical shape of a clip, You can easily clip on or move them anywhere outdoors according to your own preferences. Another way is to use the screws to fix the light on the wall (the package doesn’t provide screws), simple to install, so you can use it in life wisely.
Our products are made of high-strength ABS + PS material, IP 65 water resistance and heat resistance making these solar lights able to withstand any weather.

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