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Carbon Steel Drill Set

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Size: 19-127MM
Rs. 849 Rs. 1,699


This product is used for general common hand drills, easy to operate. Hardened saw teeth are good for accurate and easy cutting with the use of electricity. After use, apply a small amount of anti-rust oil on the surface of the hole to avoid natural oxidation, which can increase its service life. 

Quality hole saw kit for drilling round holes easily and quickly. Sharp and durable teeth of the hole saw ensure a powerful and highly efficient action.

Hole saws in various size to meet different needs. Come with arbors and a little wrench.  Can be widely used for cutting wood, and thin metal plates.0415 -12 pcs 19-64mm Hole Saw Kit DeoDap

0415 -12 pcs 19-64mm Hole Saw Kit DeoDapSPECIFICATIONS

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Package Weight: 455gm


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