Car Seat Leather Breathable Cushion

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Style: BMW
Color: BLACK
Sale priceRs. 1,299.00 Regular priceRs. 2,599.00


 The size of this memory foam car seat cushion is very versatile which is perfect for the most of car seats, it also can be used on office chair, home chair and any other types of chairs. It's lightweight and protable for you to use at your office or home.

Adopting lightweight design for easy installation and removal, this car seat cushion is easy to clean, you can wipe the seat cushion with a wet towel or tissue. This Adult Booster Seat gives you more height and visibility on the road, which leads to safer and smoother driving. The cushion has a compact and comfy design that adapts to most car seats.  The outside is made of scratch-resistant and wear-resistant nappa leather, and has ventilation holes, which are skin-friendly and breathable, not stuffy, and very comfortable. Inside uses the memory foam core material, the memory foam spacing is soft and comfortable, and the support is good, which is the first choice for pressure relief. Car Seat Leather Breathable Cushion  

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