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  • 【 High-quality material 】 - The magnetic suction anchor for car safety belts is made of high-quality ABS material, which is sturdy, durable, wear-resistant, and reliable. The magnetic suction fixation is not easy to fall, ensuring safety while providing you with a sense of comfort.


  • 【 Humanized Design 】 - Mini compact size, hidden in the interior, compact design, does not occupy valuable space in the car, can be adhered arbitrarily, built-in magnetic suction, easy to access, fixed with magnetic suction, silent and shockproof, stable seat belt bolt, to prevent impact noise. You can freely control and fasten the tightness of your seat belt, enjoying a neat and quiet interior space.


  • 【Wide application range】 - Universal to automobiles, in addition, our seat belt anchorages are easy to install and use. Comes with self adhesive, non marking adhesive, sturdy and sturdy, does not require welding, melting, or bonding, nor does it require tools. Tear off the adhesive and stick it on, making the operation simple and convenient.

  • 【 Comfortable driving and riding 】- The magnetic suction anchor of the car seat belt can help you adjust and fix the seat belt, ensuring stable magnetic suction and alleviating shoulder, neck, and abdominal discomfort caused by the seat belt being too tight, making your driving and travel easy and enjoyable. Enjoy and relax your journey!    


  • Material: ABS
  • Weight:55G
  • Suitable for vehicle models: Most models are available
  • Installation: Non-destructive adhesive installation
  • SIZE:


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