Butter Dish with Bamboo Lid And Knife

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This butter container with bamboo lid and silicone ring, which can keep the butter fresh longer and without absorbing the taste of other food in the refrigerator. With the silicone seal, you can put the butter on the counter and the butter is soft to spread. Hasense butter keeper is made of high-quality ceramic, which is healthier, sturdier, more long-lasting and more durable than plastic and glass. Our butter keeper can be safely used in the fridge, microwave and dishwasher. With a glossy surface, it can clean by soap and water

The Sweese butter dish lid is made from high-quality beech wood, as a hard and tough material, beech wood with a tight straight grain which is very durable and elegant. Unlike other synthetic materials, beech wood generally ages naturally, with the right maintenance, it can look lovely for many years. And the wooden lid can be used as a small cutting board for slicing, which is convenient and practical.

The high and deep design of the butter dish helps prevent the butter from sticking to the top of the lid and keeps the butter stay on the dish. A silicone ring on the beech wood lid further enhances the seal of the butter box, helping to keep the butter fresh and soft and avoid mixing with other food flavors. You can easily take off the ring seal freely if you prefer to.

The measure of sweese butter container is 6 x 3.5 x 2.7 inches, with enough width and depth, the large size butter container can easily accommodate more butter sticks and avoid making a mess in the kitchen. The butter dish with lid works perfectly for both west and east/european coast butter, suitable for most brands like kerrygold, land o'lakes, plugra butter, and more.

Sweese butter keeper is made of professional-grade ceramic and anti-stick glaze, which is environmentally friendly and durable, and better improves the stability of the product. The butter dish features sleek, clean lines and an elegant design that is appropriate for everyday use, which is an excellent decor addition to your modern farmhouse kitchen style, better enhancing the taste of the room.

With its simple and cute appearance, the butter holder is not only suitable for storing butter but also suitable for airtight storing items such as sugar, salt, spices, seasonings, and candies, to keep your kitchen organized. The pure color palette of the butter dish is perfectly matched with other tableware, creating a rich and harmonious atmosphere. At the same time, it's an ideal gift for yourself, family, and friends.


  • Material: Ceramic Product Weight: 1 kg   
  • Product Dimensions: L16 x B9.17 x H7 Cm
  • Packaging Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 11 Cm
  • Package Content: 1pc


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