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Better Strainer

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No more bulky colanders-- this strainer is a great space saver for your kitchen. Just place on your pots and pans and strain. The secret is the patent-pending adjustable "Flex Fit" design that grabs on, then locks tight to ensure a safe and secure pour each time you use it. The Better Strainer works great whether it is straining sauce, pasta, grease from meats, or draining juice from fruits and veggies. It features a non-stick surface which will not tear delicate food such as ravioli. Works with bowls, sauce pans, and fry pans from 9.45-11.8 inches.

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✅ Compact, space-saving size. Flex fit design grabs on and locks tight.

✅ Perfect for straining pasta, grease from meats and draining juice from fruits and veggies.


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✅ Just Fit, Snap and Drain! Fit any size pot, pan, skillet or bowl.

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✅ Material: Food grade Plastic and rubber.

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