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Bathroom & Kitchen Storage Hooks

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,999


Wall Hanger is provided with a metal rod (to hold the rod with hooks) and a sticker Adhesive Plate at its back. Sticker Plate are easy to stick. No nail or drilling needed. Self-Adhesive Sticker Plate with 6 Hooks for Home, Kitchen, Offices, Changing Rooms, Utensil rack, Doors, Storage Cabinet or Wash-Basin Tiles and Other Places. 


  • Wall mounted,13 inch long plastic towel hanger with 6 moveable hooks, suction cup diameter 2.8 inch.

  • No drilling holes, No sticky residue, just press the suction cup to adhere, very friendly to your walls.

  • With strong suction power, it can adhere sturdy to smooth surfaces like Ceramic tile, Marble, Metal, Glass, Mirror and painted woods. Holding up to maximum 8 lbs.

  • The suction cup and bar is adjustable to variable angles, it can be installed on door-back, smooth walls, corners etc.

  • Perfect accessary for hanging utensils in kitchen and towels in bathroom, Hold strong in wet conditions. Easy to install, easy to remove.


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