Automatic Sensing Touch Car Ashtray

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Style: BMW
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Secondhand smoke affects the health of your family. At the same time, the falling ash makes the car full of dust, and cigarette butts also risk burning the car. This product perfectly solves these problems.

The built-in smart chip controls the infrared sensor, and the opening and closing response is fast and sensitive.

Open the lid with just a swipe and it’s hassle-free.

You can smoke and drive smoothly without being distracted.

No need to add water, built-in smoke extinguishing port to quickly extinguish smoke without bowing your head。

Built-in tight sealing ring prevents the smell of smoke from spreading in the car.

The car's infrared automatic opening and closing is fashionable and trendy, the ashtray has an electroplated appearance, the mirror bright display is high-end, and the steel liner is high temperature resistant and safe. It is the best choice for a stylish and handsome match for your car.


  • Material:Stainless steel

  • Weight:270g


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