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Anti-Slip Mat Underlay Protection for Carpets

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Protect your carpets with our Anti-Slip Mat Underlay Protection, made with high-slip resistance PVC material and a grid pattern to ensure maximum stability. Durable and strong, it won't be damaged over time and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its full, soft, and elastic PVC particles guarantee abrasion and shock resistance. Keep your carpets and floors secure and safe.Our non-slip mats provide superior grip and insulation for all types of floors, including those with underfloor heating. Made from a robust, odorless material, these mats can withstand heavy wear and tear, while also being easy to clean and cut to size. With slip protection on parquet, linoleum, PVC, stone slabs, tiles, and all textile floor coverings, you can enjoy peace of mind in your bathroom or any other area of your home.

This pad is made of PVC material with high slip resistance. There is a grid pattern on the pad to increase friction so that the mat does not slip. To avoid falls, please place it on a clean, dry floor and make sure the rug lies flat and stays flat when in use.

Durable and strong: The mat will not be damaged after prolonged use and can be reused. The durable PVC materials prevent the mat from being excessively elongated. Full, soft, and elastic PVC anti-slip particles, with a reasonable particle spacing, ensure abrasion resistance and shock resistance.

Widely used: gripper roll mat prevents dangerous crawling on floors or carpets; prevents cups, saucers, and tools from moving with annoying rattling or scattered in cabinets or tool boxes; used to stop spinning on the bath floor, in bookshelves, shoe racks or on the table as a placemat. Can be placed under a serving tray, flower pot, fruit stand...home, kitchen, car, boat, etc., almost anywhere.

Cuttable rubber mat: The size of this pad is 180 x 200 cm, but you can easily cut it with scissors to fit any size and shape. Simply place the pad on the floor, place the carpet on it, and shave at the edges. Do not use carpet underlays on stairs, carpets, vinyl, paint, acrylic, natural stone, porous, or refinished surfaces.

Easy to clean: This carpet pad is non-toxic and odorless and easy to clean. Hand washable. You can add detergent as you like without bleach. Air dry to prepare for next use.


    • Anti-Slip Mat Underlay Protection,
    • 1 x Anti-Slip Mat Underlay Protection
    • Color - Taupe
    • Material - PVC

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