Acupressure Roller Body Massager

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This roller promotes blood circulation and can be used for various massages and relaxation techniques. Simply use on desired areas with up and down movements. No adverse effects. Suitable for joint pain.

Acupressure Handle Roller is based on Acupressure treatment Therapy. Use on the back side of the leg in sciatica pain. Acupressure Handle Roller pyramidal Plastic Increases blood circulation and warms up the body gives you freshness, reduces tiredness, and recharges your body. Acupressure Handle Roller pyramidal Plastic is compact equipment, with quality material, best for back roll small for better grip and for hard massage.

Acupressure mini roll for face cervical fingers hand foot and all body massage tools parts of the body. Acupressure Mini Roll For Cervical structure has been decided according to the principles of Body point relaxation. Acupressure Mini Roll for Cervical Effective in Cervical pain, Spondylosis, and Total Body Massage and relaxation. The back side roll is used for finger pressure.

Acupressure Hand Roll Pressing all points of the Hand and Finger at a time. 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Weight: 70 gms
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x13 x 3 Cm

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