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3D Brick Design Wallpaper

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Style: STYLE 1
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The material of 3D brick foam wallpaper is safe, with no detection of harmful heavy metals over standard value, and high-quality environmental wall decor panels. The wallpaper with European decor style designed brick wallpaper for walls looks incredibly realistic when it is put on your wall, which will create a modern and simple style for your home. The 3D wallpaper is also paintable. You could paint the panels freely to help them look much more realistic. Easy paste and removable wall wallpaper, so that brick wallpaper is really convenient and easy to install.

The 3D wall panels peel and stick brick has a thickness of 8mm, it looks like real bricks, has the real 3d effect which flat wallpaper can't have, and provides great visual effects. because of its thickness, it has a good noise reduction effect, high elasticity, can prevent children from being injured when playing, and protect family safety. Also, it's waterproof and easy to clean.
This white brick wallpaper is made of premium PE foam, back glue is a hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, Compared with 3D PVC wall panels, it has no formaldehyde, heavy metals, or formamide involved. get a healthy experience with these 3D wall panels. it won't turn yellow, can be used for a long time, and really easy to clean, just use a wet tissue to wipe the surface of the wall panels smoothly.
The foam brick wallpaper is self-adhesive. we use high-quality adhesive paper, which has high adhesion, no need to worry about falling, and it also can be easily torn off, please tear 3D wall panels off slowly so no glue left and won't damage your wall.
3D brick wall panels self-adhesive has a wide application for interior wall decor, they can be installed on TV walls, sofa backgrounds, living room walls, bedroom walls, kitchens, kids' room, and stairs, or cover dirty walls, painted surfaces, etc.


  • Vol. Weight (Gm):- 514
  • Product Weight (Gm):- 101
  • Ship Weight (Gm):- 514
  • Length (Cm):- 36
  • Breadth (Cm):- 35
  • Height (Cm):- 2


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