360 Degree Faucet Sprayer

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This faucet sprayer is designed for kitchen sinks and allows for 360 degree rotation, making cleaning easy and hiding less dirt. It's water-saving and can fit standard taps with M22 external and internal threads. The built-in leak-proof water cushion ensures protection from leaks. Ideal for various fittings and easy to install. Convenient to use and can be attached to many types of faucets for public water surfaces. Suitable for areas with hard water and easy to clean.

The sprayer fully accommodates the needs of the user by offering both long and short specifications. With regard to various fittings, a universal converter with simple installation is supplied. The built-in leak-proof water cushion and its close combination can really achieve 100% leak protection.

Convenient using The sprayer is easy to use and extensive faucet aerator which can be attached to a kitchen faucet, faucet, faucet, and toilet faucet use And use a lot of public water surfaces, easy to install and easy to care for, areas of hard water can also be used long term, health, and it is easy to clean water bubbler contains filters, can be used easily

Water saving two kinds of water-saving modes add a control switch to control two spray modes. Water saving mode of the faucet aerator 6.4LPM / 1.7GPM, faucet aerator can save 40% water. If you need more to fill jars, pots or pans, just switch to economy mode
High containment.


    • Material - high-quality copper + stainless steel
    • color - silver 
    • Steel size - 20cm*5cm
    • Finish - chrome
    • Type - Extrusion

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