3 Mode Ultra Fine Mist Shower Head

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3 types of water flow variations!

【現貨|花灑界的愛馬仕】Mirable Zero ULTRA FINE MIST 微氣泡除氯美顏美容沐浴花灑 多功能花灑 護髮護膚護牙

[Tornado Mist]

A wide, gentle stream of water that hits your skin. Generates plenty of ultra-fine bubbles, giving you the sensation of being enveloped. Recommended when you want to gently care for your face.

[Splash Straight]

A powerful water stream that generates a screw-shaped water stream. Recommended when washing hair as it can directly target pore dirt.Mirable zero /Mirable zero

[Ring straight]

Recommended for cleaning crevices with a new sensation of soft yet strong water flow and straight water flow.Science Mirable Zero FBSMZ-TSC-CSC 1 piece

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