Multipurpose Toilet Cleaning Brush

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Curved v shape head for bathroom toilet cleaning under the toilet rim or flush passage Easy to hold, convenient to use. Great for cleaning toilet bowl, is a good tool for toilet and bathroom. Bending design brush head to ensure that the toilet corner will be cleaned very clean. Lightly, and easy to hold, makes cleaning easier. Handle with hook design, when not in use can hang, convenient collection toilet edge brush only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included. The curved toilet brush is made of plastic and has corrosion resistance and a long lifespan. Hair is small in size, soft and dense, very flexible, and can deeply clean dirt, making cleaning simple and fast.

The toilet brush head can clean the toilet deeply without causing blind corners, including the blind corners inside the toilet and the blind corners under the toilet base. The soft bristles and long stainless steel handle make your housework easier.
The design of the brush head of the appropriate size toilet brush is reasonable, which can bring you a clean so that the toilet brush is no longer a dirty cleaning tool, but a kind of decoration, which is very suitable for your comfortable bathroom.
The toilet brush has a quick-drying and antibacterial design, so the corners around the toilet are no longer a kingdom of bacteria. Just try to use our toilet brush cleaner and no longer have to worry about the old wet toilet brush.
The sturdy structure has a strong cleaning ability, but it will not scratch the toilet, nor will it make your toilet tidy and hygienic. The simple and elegant design is suitable for any bathroom. It is an essential accessory for bathroom cleaning. The compact space-saving design hides your toilet brush and provides hygienic storage space.

Material: Plastic
Product Weight: 20 gm
Product Dimensions: 20 x 3.5 x 4 Cm
Package Content: 3 Pc

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